Updated: Oct 30

I made this cute soap holder, here´s how I created it.

1. Soften the clay by smooshing it around your hands and roll it out onto a mat, whatever you roll the clay onto you should be able to lift the clay off the surface easily.

2. Measure the soap that you usually use and cut out the leaf shape to the size you want. draw out the shape of the veins of a leaf and cut out the drip holes in the shape making sure they aren´t so big or close together that when you lift the clay off the mat it will split apart.

  1. Smoosh. 2. Cut. 2. Cut leaf holes.

3. Roll out a log of clay and cut it into 4 pieces, i made two pieces longer than the others so the dish will be leaning.

4. I preheated my oven. Using a mini toaster oven is perfect for clay projects. I placed

the leaf on a glass rectangular dish upside down and pressed the leaf against it on the edge of the glass so that when the leaf is right-side up it fold upwards and adds some cute movement to the dish.